Man shot dead at Odomi in Oti Region

Yoga teacher sentenced to 90 years in prison for killing love rival

A yoga teacher, on trial since October 30 for the murder of a 25-year-old professional cyclist, was sentenced to 90 years in prison in Austin, Texas, ABC reported.

Investigators and justice services suspected Kaitlin Armstrong, 35, of having acted out of jealousy by attacking her companion’s ex-girlfriend, with whom the latter was still in contact.

In May 2022, the yoga teacher would therefore have stalked the young woman through Strava, an application used by many athletes, where the victim had shared her last ride. The suspect would also have had access to her partner’s social networks and emails and would have managed to locate her target in this way.

Called to decide last Thursday on his guilt, the jurors did not take more than three hours to take their positions. The accused faced 99 years in prison, she was finally sentenced to 90 years in prison. She will also have to pay a fine amounting to $10,000, according to ABC.

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