Italian government adopts decree to expel young migrants

Italian government adopts decree to expel young migrants

The Italian government adopted a decree providing for the expulsion of unaccompanied young foreigners if they have lied about their real age.

According to reports, 21,000 unaccompanied minors, 85% of them male, have landed in the country, and they continue to pour in as migrant boats continue to converge on the peninsula.

Italy intends to step up checks on unaccompanied foreign minors by carrying out medical and anthropological tests to determine whether they are over 18.

If these tests prove negative, they will simply be expelled. Foreigners deemed too dangerous for public order may also be expelled, even if they have a residence permit.

Italy considers such behavior to be an abuse of the law.

On a positive note, Italy is extending privileged status to all women, not just pregnant women.

Since mid-September 2023, the Italian island of Lampedusa, some 100 km off the Tunisian coast in the Mediterranean, has been faced with a massive influx of migrants, bringing the thorny issue of the migration crisis to the fore.

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