Man accused of witchcraft dies of starvation

Ghana: a jealous man stabbed his lover to death

A man stabbed to death his girlfriend, whom he accused of cheating on him, in the central region of Ghana, according to reports.

The suspect told her family about their daughter’s conduct but no action was taken to address the matter.

The issue became worse when the victim who had purchased a motorcycle for the suspect decided to take it back due to his escalating anger issues.

The suspect, infuriated by her decision concluded that indeed she is cheating on him.

“This led to a heated argument between the couple then he angrily stabbed her multiple times in the chest, waist, and other parts of her body,” according to reports.

The victim was rushed to St Gregory Catholic Hospital but was referred to Winnbea Trauma and Specialist Hospital due to the severity of her injuries.

Meanwhile, police has mounted a manhunt for the suspect who is currently at large.

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