WhatsApp goes HD: how to manage its storage space?

WhatsApp goes HD: how to manage its storage space?

Documents, messages, photos, videos… The content and data that you produce and receive accumulate quickly in the memory of your smartphone to the point of running out of storage space. A situation that WhatsApp is likely to worsen due to the new functionality deployed by the messaging service.

This now allows you to send photos and videos in high definition. Consequence: the files received are larger and fill up your device’s memory more quickly. However, a tab dedicated to managing the storage of this multimedia content is available within the application.

It allows you to see at a glance the space occupied by the content received on WhatsApp and to delete it. These are displayed from largest to lightest. Sort through to save precious gigabytes.

How to sort through shared files

  • Click on “Settings” and go to the “Data and storage usage” tab
  • Tap “Manage Storage” then “Review and Delete Items” or “Over 5MB” to access larger files
  • Tap the trash can icon after selecting the file to delete

How to Sort Files in Conversations

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the “Manage Storage” tab to access Conversations. Click on a discussion to view its associated files
  • Choose the trash can icon to delete the selected content and click “Delete”

It should be noted that you always have the possibility of activating the ephemeral message functionality in order to preserve your storage space and strengthen the confidentiality of your discussions.

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