Donald Trump promises to end war in Ukraine within 24 hours

Donald Trump promises to end war Ukrainian crisis within 24 hours

Former US President Donald Trump has promised to end the ongoing war in Ukraine if Americans re-elect him in the next presidential election.

The Republican billionaire, who intends to become president of the United States again in 2024, explained on Fox News his strategy to “end the war” in Ukraine in 24 hours, as he has been promising for several weeks.

“I will say to Zelensky: ‘enough, we have to find an agreement’ with Putin,” assured Donald Trump.

At the same time, if he is re-elected as head of the United States, the Republican will meet with his Russian counterpart.

“I will say to Putin: ‘If you don’t find an agreement, we will give a lot [to Ukraine]. More than it has ever had, if necessary,” continues Donald Trump.

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