Pastor recalls two unfortunate days for Davido

Pastor recalls two unfortunate days for Davido

Cameroonian pastor Orock Henry Betang has urged the famous Nigerian singer Davido to sell his car, a Mercedes Maybach Virgil Abloh 2023, freshly purchased for 394 million naira.

“God has blessed the singer, but the devil intends to bring him down, through the Mercedes-Maybach 2023,” according to the Pastor.

The man of God therefore advised the singer to stop using the car and sell it.

“God has blessed him but the devil has plans to overthrow him. Let him mark Tuesday or Thursday of the week. I don’t know which week but I saw something bad. It wasn’t a good thing but he can escape it if he sells the car. He can give it away or sell it. Let him sell it, the car he recently bought. Let him not use it,” said the pastor.

He also warned Davido about two days of the week: Tuesday and Thursday, and urged fans and supporters to pray for the singer.

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