A young man found dead in Gomoa

Man fined for trying to sleep with friend’s wife

A retired teacher has been fined as he was caught in an attempt to have sex with his friend’s wife in the Bibiani Anhweaso Bekwai municipality of the Western North Region, Ghana.

The man was caught red-handed following a plot by his friend and wife to expose the sexual requests he had made.

He was handed over to the Bibiani police for investigations and based on plea, it was agreed for the matter to be settled at home.

He was found guilty of the allegation against him by the chiefs and elders of Bibiani, hence the punishment.

He was fined GH¢2,000, a sheep, a bottle of schnapps, crate of an egg, and other items as a compensation to his friend and his wife.

He was also directed to change matrimonial items he desecrated including the mattress and bed-sheets.

“The victims husband said he is satisfied with the punishment,” according to Adom News.

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