22 year old Latiesha Jones got rich selling her bodily secretions

22 year old Latiesha Jones got rich selling her bodily secretions

Latiesha Jones is a young British student who became a billionaire by selling her bodily secretions (saliva or sweat) at exorbitant prices.

It takes place in Manchester, England. Latiesha Jones, who dreamed of becoming a doctor, had to give up her studies to devote herself entirely to a business that is out of the ordinary. The 22-year-old claims to make over $60,000 a month just from selling her spit.

“When I was first asked for a bottle of my saliva, at first I thought it was a joke and it couldn’t be serious,” she says. “I agreed and asked for £300 (around €355). It was the highest number I could think of. »

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was,” she said. It has tailored its pricing to suit the customer, with the highest sale coming in at £1,500 (around €1,776). “I knew the guy had money and he was happy to pay it.” According to the British press, she is now making tens of thousands of dollars a month.

She now claims to have paid off an $18,000 debt and bought her first home with that money.

Several Internet users say they are shocked by this unusual entrepreneurship. For some, the young girl is far from suspecting what could be her DNA contained in her bodily secretions. While others see it as promoting woke culture.

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