Bride dies after collapsing at hen party

A young lady found dead in boyfriend’s room

A 25-year-old lady was found in her boyfriend’s room under mysterious circumstances at Atwima Agogo in the Atwima Nwabiagya South Municipality of the Ashanti Region, Ghana.

“I heard my daughter has passed on somewhere. When I was called I was told she died somewhere, so I asked them to verify if it was true or not, and they came with the sad news,” according to the deceased father.

The family of the deceased was aware of the type of relationship that existed between the lady and her boyfriend.

The family of the deceased has caused the arrest of the said boyfriend to help with investigation.

“I want the young man killed too, I can’t bear this, and my daughter is to bury me, why should she die now? This is unacceptable” the deceased mother wailed.

The deceased father is expecting the police to unravel what caused his daughter’s death but is suspecting foul play.

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