"The world is on the brink of a new world war"- Dmitry Medvedev

“The world is on the brink of a new world war”- Dmitry Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev, former Russian president and deputy chairman of Putin’s powerful security council, has once again warned Westerners about a potential “world war”.

According to Vladimir Putin’s relative, “the world is sick and is most likely on the verge of a new world war” against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine.

During a conference in Moscow, translated by the British media The Independent, Dmitry Medvedev assured that the risks of a nuclear confrontation were increasing and that they should be taken much more seriously than climate change.

In a video broadcast at the end of March via the Telegram platform, the current vice-president of the Security Council of Russia had already assured that the risks of “nuclear apocalypse” would “increase” as Western weapons were delivered to the direction of Ukraine.

“Has the threat of nuclear conflict passed? No, it has not passed. It has increased. Every day that foreign weapons are delivered to Ukraine finally brings that same nuclear apocalypse closer…” he said.

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