Father of seven stabbed to death in Lagos

Man killed for discovering the truth about his wife’s son

A 36-year-old lawyer was arrested for killing her husband, a 41-year-old attorney, after he discovered that their servant was his wife’s biological son in Ghana.

“The late Barrister did not know that the boy who has been living with him in his house for years, was his wife’s son,” according to the witness that stood before the High Court.

It was heard that the wife had told him that the child was her younger brother.

“I had a phone conversation with my friend during which I disclosed that he was having issues with his wife over infidelity,” according to his friend who is also a barrister.

“He reported the matter to his wife’s family who invited him to a meeting in their family compound, but did not return home alive,” he added.

The accused confessed that she stayed with a Catholic priest as a house help and the priest had impregnated her and they had a child who is now the 19 year-old she brought into the marriage as a houseboy.

His wife has been charged with his murder and facing full trial.

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