Korean singer Moonbin, K-pop star, dies at 25

Korean singer Moonbin, K-pop star, dies at 25

South Korean K-pop star Moonbin, a member of the band Astro, died on Wednesday at the age of 25, according to his label Fantagio and national police, sparking a wave of emotion among his fans.

The singer was found dead at his home in southern Seoul late on Wednesday, a South Korean police spokesman told AFP, adding there was no evidence of his death. criminal act.

Moonbin’s label, Fantagio Music, released a statement Thursday confirming his death, without citing an alleged cause.

The statement asks everyone to “refrain” from “speculative and malicious” comments so that his family can pay their respects and honor him in peace.

Moon Bin, known by his stage name Moonbin, was a member of Astro and also performed in a subgroup called Moonbin & Sanha.

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