Kenya's first satellite in orbit gives birth to country's space economy

Kenya’s first satellite in orbit gives birth to country’s space economy

Kenya’s first operational satellite was put into orbit on Saturday by a SpaceX rocket that took off from California (United States), according to images from the American space company.

The launch, originally scheduled for Monday evening in the United States, had been postponed several times this week due to bad weather conditions.

On Saturday, a SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket took off at 06:48 GMT from the American base in Vandenberg (California), before deploying several dozen satellites an hour later, including the Kenyan Taifa-1 (“Nation-1”, in Swahili language).

Designed and developed by a team of Kenyan researchers, this satellite should provide data in the fields of agriculture and environmental monitoring in Kenya, valuable for the future of this East African country which is currently experiencing a historic drought.

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