Kenya: Raila Odinga calls for rally ahead of reform talks

Kenya: Raila Odinga calls for rally ahead of reform talks

Kenya’s main opposition coalition on Tuesday announced plans to hold “direct engagements” with the public as it prepares for talks with the government on electoral reforms.

Azimio la Umoja coalition, led by veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga, said it remained committed to easing political tension through dialogue after its anti-government protests turned violent last month.

It said it would hold its first town hall meeting on Thursday followed by a public rally on Sunday in the capital, Nairobi, “to explain to the people where we are and the upcoming course of action”.

“Azimio remains committed to the spirit of the Easter deal that saw the two parties commit to dialogue,” it said in a statement.

Both the ruling coalition and Azimio have named their representatives in the talks, which Mr Odinga insists should be expanded beyond parliament.

The opposition urged the government “to come to the table with clean hands, unclenched fists and a commitment to an honest and transparent process that engages all the issues bedevilling our country”.

Last month, three people, including a police officer, died and property vandalised in anti-government demonstrations that also left hundreds of others injured.

Mr Odinga, who claims that last year’s presidential election was stolen from him, called off the protests after President William Ruto agreed to talks with the opposition.

He has threatened to return to the street if Azimio is not satisfied with the process.

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