Pastor jailed for impregnating 16-year-old girl

Man cleared and released after 34 years in prison

A man sentenced to 400 years in prison in the United States is finally cleared and released, after 34 years in detention, local media reported.

Sidney Holmes, 57, was released on Monday after spending 34 years in a Florida prison. He spent more than half his life behind bars, for nothing.

In 1989, he was found guilty of having been the driver during an armed robbery in the south of this state, which occurred in 1988. Then aged 23, he was sentenced to 400 years in prison and has always proclaimed his innocence, without being heard.

In 2020, through his attorneys, Sidney Holmes approached the Broward County Conviction Review Unit to argue his case.

This time, justice listens to him, and considers that the charges are not sufficient against the fifties, the Daily Mail reported.

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