Woman swallowed ring in her food for her proposal

Woman swallowed ring in her food for her proposal

A Kenyan woman swallowed an engagement ring that was placed in her food when the family and her boyfriend had planned a surprise engagement party in Gongoni, Tana River County, Kenya.

The day started well with family members preparing food and she was tasked with preparing a special dish.

Her mother was in charge of serving the food and kept sending her daughter on errands as she buried the ring in the plate.

It was all laughter and joy at the table as the boyfriend tiptoed towards the table, but his move is interrupted when his girlfriend started choking on the food.

All efforts went into rescuing her as she left the table and ran towards her father who hit her on the back three times, only for her to vomit the ring.

She collapsed and was rushed to a nearby hospital for a check-up.

Nevertheless, she woke up to say Yes with the engagement ring already on her finger as the man insisted that he would marry her dead or alive.

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