'England will no longer lead Anglican Church' - Kenyan bishop says

‘England will no longer lead Anglican Church’ – Kenyan bishop says

The archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya said England will no longer be the leader of the global Anglican Church following a change in teaching to allow priests to marry same-sex couples.

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit told a local television station that the Church’s teaching that homosexuality is a sin would not change.

“In May we are going to have a meeting in Cairo [Egypt’s capital] of the Global South… What we have already agreed and pronounced is that England is no longer going to be the leader of the Anglican Communion,” he said.

“We are going to get another primate amongst us, maybe on rotational basis, who is going to be the chair of what we call our communion – the communion that believes in orthodox teaching of the Bible,” he added.

The Church of England last month backed proposals to allow prayers of blessing for same-sex couples.

But it said its position on gay marriage would not change and same-sex couples would still be unable to marry in church.

Archbishops representing 10 of the 42 provinces in the Anglican Communion have said they no longer consider Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, as their leader.

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