Hundreds of schoolgirls victims of strange poisoning

Hundreds of schoolgirls victims of strange poisoning

Since the end of November, the official Iranian media have counted several hundred cases of mysterious diseases, from which hundreds of schoolgirls suffer, in particular in the holy city of Qom.

On Wednesday, dozens of girls’ establishments in the same city, Ardabil, in the north-west of the country, were victims of gas fumes in the middle of class. 108 of them were hospitalized. Similar cases were also reported on Thursday in the capital Tehran.

This series did not cause deaths but questions, because the symptoms are strikingly similar:

“I have a chest ache and when I walk, my legs shake a little”, describes a young girl who is bedridden while a mask connected to a respirator still covers her nose and mouth.

Another shares the dizziness she feels while she is still hospitalized: “My body is very numb, it prevents me from walking,” she says.

These poisonings follow the broad protest movement against the Iranian regime which has been going on for several months, despite fierce repression. So far, authorities have not made any arrests.

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