Elon Musk denounces the "anti-white racism" of American media

Elon Musk denounces the “anti-white racism” of American media

Billionaire Elon Musk called the American media “racist” on Sunday after several newspapers decided to stop the publication of the comic strip “Dilbert”, the author of which compared in a video the black population to a “group of hate”.

“For a very long time the American media was racist towards non-white people, now they are racist towards white people and Asians,” Tesla boss lambasted on Twitter.

On his YouTube show Wednesday, “Dilbert” cartoonist Scott Adams called the black population a “hate group,” saying he wanted “nothing to do with them.”

“The way things are going now, the best advice I could give to white people is to get the hell away from black people,” said the author, who rose to fame in the 1990s thanks to his satirical comics on the world of work.

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