A man killed for raping a lady in Benue State

A man killed for raping a lady in Benue State

The brother of a raped victim stabbed a man accused of raping his sister to death in the North Bank suburb of Markudi, Benue State, Nigeria, reports said.

“The events that claimed the life of the suspected rapist started when the victim, who was said to be from the Tiv tribe, accused a young Hausa man of raping her,” according to an eyewitness.

“The lady reported the incident to her brother who confronted the Hausa man and allegedly stabbed him, and by the time they rushed the Hausa man to a hospital, he died,” the eyewitness said.

“The death of the suspected rapist became public knowledge, it triggered a crisis that led to the destruction of property in the community,” reports said.

“After his burial, some miscreants in the area rose up. A house was burnt but peace has been restored to the area,” the state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Catherine Anene.

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