Anglican Church is considering neutral formulas to designate God

Anglican Church is considering neutral formulas to designate God

How should we gender God? Do you just have to specify your gender? These are the questions that currently agitate the Anglican Church, while voices have been raised for several decades on the relevance of speaking of “God” only in the masculine, notes Sky News.

The institution has even appointed two internal commissions to work on potential changes to the liturgy that could lead to the use of neutral expressions. They will begin work in the spring and will be called upon to present ideas to the leaders of the Church while awaiting a decision on their part.

Asking for “non-gendered” references to God

This project was set up after the questioning of senior Church officials by Joanna Stobart, the British Reverend who has positioned herself for “more inclusive language” during religious ceremonies and for “genderless” references to God within the Church of England.

The institution’s conservative fringe had previously expressed hostility to such changes, saying they would go against the very doctrine of the Church.

Reverend Ian Paul believes this would sever the cult from its “foundation in Scripture”. A spokesperson for the institution said that there were currently no plans to “abolish or substantially revise the currently authorized liturgies”.

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