Two Nigerians arrested with cocaine capsules

Fetish priest arrested in connection with missing okada rider

A 30-year-old fetish priest is currently in the clutches of the police in connection with the investigation of the disappearance of an Okada driver at Assin OtabilKrom in Assin South, Ghana.

The victim got missing after he received a call to pick up a pillion rider from one of the villages but has since not returned.

The family uncovered a buried carcass in their backyard and a motorcycle which belonged to the missing Okada rider with the suspect.

The suspect was arrested and handed over to the police by the victim’s family members and some residents of Assin OtabilKrom.

“The buried carcass is that of a goat which he used for rituals,” the suspect claimed.

During investigation, other burnt human-like parts were found but the carcass have been taken by the police and subsequently sent to Accra for forensic investigation.

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