Young woman kills her lookalike to fake her own death

Young woman kills her lookalike to fake her own death

The lifeless body of a young woman, stabbed with multiple stab wounds, was found in a vehicle parked in Ingolstadt, southern Germany, on August 17.

As reported by The Guardian, local authorities initially identified the body as that of Sharaban, a 23-year-old beautician from Munich of Iraqi origin.

Only, and in view of the autopsy carried out the next day, the German investigators quickly expressed their doubts. They finally identify the body as that of Khadidja, a fashion blogger of Algerian origin residing in the neighboring state of Baden-Württemberg. Her particularity: she is the same age and is the almost perfect double of Sharaban, the first alleged victim.

From August 19, Sharaban was arrested along with Sheqir, a man of Kosovo origin suspected of being his accomplice. According to German media, the week before the murder, the two contacted several women, who looked suspiciously like Sharaban, via social media.

After several refusals from other young girls, Khadidja finally agrees to meet the two individuals who pretend to have a business meeting. The victim joins them in a car before being stabbed fifty times. The car is then parked in front of the home of Sharaban’s parents, who discover the same evening the body of the one they then believe to be their daughter.

A macabre staging which, according to the Guardian, would aim to fool Sharaban’s parents, with whom the young woman has serious differences. A subterfuge which almost worked, to the point that several of his relatives, when identifying the body, said they had formally recognized Sharaban.

“The murder weapon has not been found, but the evidence is overwhelming,” the local police spokesman told Bild.

If found guilty by German justice, the two suspects risk life imprisonment.

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