Kenyan authorities ban night and dawn classes

Kenyan authorities ban night and dawn classes

Kenya’s Education Minister Ezekiel Machogu has banned early morning and late evening studies in schools, saying “we don’t want to subject the kids to strain – kids should sleep for nine hours”.

Mr Machogu directed that classes in both private and public primary schools be held between 08:00 and 15:45 to ensure learning takes place within the designated times, the BBC reported.

“The syllabus should be covered appropriately between the stipulated time. Let us not subject pupils to unnecessary mental torture,” he added.

The minister said he had noticed a trend where school buses pick children up as early as 05:00 and drop them off as late as 20:00.

The issue of school reporting times has been contentious in Kenya.

The BBC carried out an investigation in 2021 when there was a spike in arson cases in secondary boarding schools, and revealed that students were in class as early as 04.30 up to 22:00. Students who were interviewed then complained of a tight academic schedule and lack of extra-curricular activities.

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