Trader jailed for hitting a man with a stick

19-year-old fined for stealing yam tubers

The Nkwanta Magistrate’s Court has fined a 19-year-old unemployed youth from Kabiti, a farming community, for stealing 17 tubers of yam in the southern part of Nkwanta, Oti Region, Ghana.

“The complainant caught the boy red-handed bagging the stolen tubers into a sack,” according to the police prosecutor.

The suspect was fined GH¢600 for stealing 17 tubers of yam.

He pleaded guilty to the charge, and the court convicted him to the fine and in default, he would serve 30 days imprisonment.

The complaint told the court he reported the matter because the suspect is a well-known thief and he wanted to make an example of him.

He was subsequently arrested and detained at the district police station.

He admitted stealing the yams from the complainant’s farm and was charged with the offence.

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