24-year-old man shot dead in Ogun State

Ghana: thief escapes lynching after being caught

A man has escaped lynching when he was caught red-handed stealing iron rods at Nsawam in the Eastern Region, Ghana, according to reports.

The suspect, together with an accomplice, raided an uncompleted building at about 12:30 am to steal materials.

They were nabbed while attempting to transport the stolen items in a tricycle and were giving hot chase by a taxi driver.

The accomplice managed to flee the scene, leaving the other suspect to his fate. He was pelted with items and left in a bloody state.

The suspect denied any wrongdoing, defending that he was only hired by his accomplice to retrieve the items he did not know were stolen.

Meanwhile, the Nsawam police patrol has been notified of the development and the suspect has been taken into custody.

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