Top model: Foreigners love my tribal marks

Top model: Foreigners love my tribal marks

Belinda Baidoo, a ghanaian top model, opened up about how foreigners love her craft because of her tribal brand as she has brought a whole new dimension to modeling.

Her uniqueness is what is earning her some cheques currently and making her attractive to foreign markets.

“I won the heart of many photographers including an American who selected me for an iconic photo shoot,” she reveled.

According to her, the photographer was intrigued by the “scar” on her face, and focused the shot such that her tribal mark will stand out.

The black and white photograph remains one of Belinda’s best-seller and her personal favorite.

Following that shoot, She has had the opportunity to model for major international brands and also feature on stare-worthy billboard covers.

She has been on billboard advertisements in New York’s Famous Times Square.

She is currently an ambassador for GTP Ghana.

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