Nigeria: police shoot and kill a motorcyclist

Nigeria: police shoot and kill a motorcyclist

Police officers reportedly shot and killed a motorcyclist at Sabo Market in the Ikorodu area of the state in Nigeria.

The police were reportedly in a park near the Sabo market when they arrived to impound the motorcycles of bikers who were acting against the state’s motorcycle ban.

“The policemen were attempting to seize a bike from his colleague when the victim intervened, adding that one of the policemen shot him,” according to a motorcycle.

“The victim was trying to settle the issue between the motorcyclist and the police officers when one of the police officers cocked his gun and started shooting; one of the stray bullets hit him,” he added.

Another motorcyclist, while lamenting the incident, said immediately he was shot, he was rushed to the Ikorodu General Hospital but was rejected.

He gave up the ghost while receiving treatment at a private hospital.

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