Uganda: Schools to teach Chinese at A level

Uganda: schools to teach Chinese at A-level

Uganda is ready to teach the Chinese language at Advanced Level (A-Level), said the Director of National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), Ms Grace Baguma.

“The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) has already developed a training syllabus for teaching Chinese language that has already been approved by the Minister of Education and Sports,” said Ms Baguma.

She explained that this will enable the first cohort of students, who studied Chinese language at Ordinary Level this year, to be able to continue with the language at A-Level and to prepare students for the Chinese language degree programs.

She said with the support of the Chinese Embassy, a total of 139 teachers from private and public schools have already been trained under the Ugandan Chinese Secondary School Teacher’s Training Program.

“With the good relationship between Uganda and China, there is a need to learn the Chinese language to communicate with the many Chinese companies so as to solve the unemployment challenge in the country,” she explained.

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