Pelé's message after his medical visit

Pelé’s message after his medical visit

Brazilian football legend Pelé on Thursday expressed his thanks for all the messages of support received after he was hospitalized for a “routine visit” related to his cancer treatment.

“Dear friends, I am in the hospital for my monthly visit. It always warms the heart to receive positive messages like these,” Pelé wrote on Instagram in the caption of a photo showing his portrait projected on a wall. tower in Qatar illuminated while the one next door wishes him a “speedy recovery” in English.

The selection of Brazil, which is in Qatar for the World Cup, had wished him earlier “the best” for his health.

The Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo said in its medical bulletin on Wednesday that he had “been hospitalized for a reassessment of the chemotherapy treatment followed after the detection of a colon tumor in September 2021”.

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