The US very doubtful about polls' result in Equatorial Guinea

The US very doubtful about polls’ result in Equatorial Guinea

The US says it has “serious doubts” about the credibility of Equatorial Guinea’s election results that saw the world’s longest-serving president continue his 43-year-rule.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, 80, secured almost 95% of votes, according to election officials.

“Given the scale of irregularities observed and the announced results giving the [ruling party] PDGE 94.9% of the vote, we have serious doubts about the credibility of the announced results,” said US State Department spokesman Ned Price.

It said there were credible allegations of “significant election-related irregularities, including documented instances of fraud, intimidation, and coercion”.

President Obiang seized power in 1979 after a military takeover and has survived several coup attempts. He has a strong grip on the oil-rich central African nation.

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