Nigeria: man killed for refusing to buy beer to friend

Nigeria: man killed for refusing to buy beer to friend

A 29-year-old man has been arrested in the Nigerian state of Bauchi for stabbing to death a friend who failed to buy him beer at a bar.

A discreet investigation conducted by the detectives attached to the command revealed that the suspect went to a beer parlor where he met the man who is now the deceased and others drinking beer.

He asked him to buy him a beer but the deceased refused to do so.

This development sparked a little altercation between them which displeased the suspect. After a while, they decided to leave the bar and go to their homes while the victim left before them.

The deceased’s friend heard screaming from his friend from afar. On reaching the scene, he met his friend lying in a pool of his blood while the suspect was standing near the victim holding a sharp animal horn in his hand.

He was swiftly rushed to the General Hospital Dass after serious injury but was certified dead by the medical doctor.

The case would be charged to court for prosecution on completion of the investigation.

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