Nigeria: man strangled lover for packing her bags

Ghana: boy shot and secretly buried by his uncle

A 12-year-old boy was reportedly shot dead by his uncle on a farm and secretly buried the same day under cover of darkness in Mankuma, Savannah Region, Ghana.

The mother of the deceased left him under the care of his uncle who later picked him on a motorcycle to the farm with a locally manufactured gun fully loaded, Joynews revealed.

The uncle later returned home with information that the boy climbed a tree, fell and broke the neck resulting in an instant death.

The corpse, which was then smuggled into town the same day, also as part of a cover-up of the uncle, was not washed before burial, as the bullet marks that passed through the deceased’s back to the neck would have exposed the suspect.

But Joynews checks with the Savannah Regional Police Command revealed that they had no idea about the Makuma incident.

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