Young boy arrested for raping sister in-law and other ladies

Father broke two-month-old baby’s arm, the reason might shock you

A 31-year-old father, who allegedly assaulted his eight-week-old baby for disturbing his sleep has been arrested in Nigeria’s Imo state.

The mother of the baby disclosed that she left him with his father, to use the convenience, when the incident happened.

She overheard her baby crying uncontrollably and had to rush back to know the cause of her cry only for her to discover that his right hand was swollen and bone broken from the beating he received from his father.

She said: “When l confronted him about what he did, he locked us in the room, to prevent me from telling people about his wicked deed or seek for help. He also collected my phone from me so that I will not call the neighbours”.

“I managed to take the baby to hospitals in the community that refused to treat the baby before she took him to FMC Owerri where the amputation was done”, she added.

The father confessed that the baby was disturbing him with his cry while he was sleeping and he had to try to stop him by battering him.

The woman appealed for support to save her child while calling on the state government, National Human Right Commission (NHRC) and other civil society organizations to assist her to get justice for her son.

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