Family forced to live in bush because of unpaid rent

Family forced to live in bush because of unpaid rent

A family with 5 children has no choice but to sleep in a bush poultry structure in bad weather due to unpaid rent in Breman Asikuma, Ghana, Adom News reported.

The landlord, who could no longer grant the couple the continued deferral of rent payment, evicted the family from their rented room in Breman Asikuma.

The family was then forced to live in a structure meant for fowls in the bush.

According to the father of this family, even though he was not rich, paying the rent and a square meal were not problems for the family at all.

“Our standard of living started deteriorating after one of my newly born twins was diagnosed with a spinal cord condition at the Our Lady of Grace hospital in Breman Asikuma,” the father of the family explained.

“I have been crying and praying to God for direction and I strongly believe there will be light at the end of the tunnel,” his wife said.

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