Belgium: 21 refugee children spent the night on the streets

Belgium: 21 refugee children spent the night on the streets

At least 21 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children have spent the night on the streets in Belgium, for lack of accommodation from the authorities.

The federal agency responsible for the reception of asylum seekers (Fedasil) is encountering enormous difficulties in finding accommodation and shelter, aggravating the migrant crisis which has lasted for almost a year, accentuated in recent weeks by a further increase in asylum applications, Anadolu agency reported.

According to the information, 43 children have applied for asylum and 21 of them have not been accepted by Fedasil.

In this context, on Tuesday evening, 21 unaccompanied minor refugees had to spend the night on the street.

The non-governmental organization Caritas International Belgium made a statement on its Twitter account on Tuesday: “It is 7:30 p.m. We find that there is no accommodation for 21 unaccompanied children. They are sleeping in the street this evening”.

Belgium has long been experiencing a crisis concerning the reception of asylum seekers.

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