Family lives with corpse for over a year thinking it’s only in a coma

The family of a 35-year-old man who died in India from Covid-19 have been living with his body ever since, believing he was just in a coma and would eventually wake up, local media reported.

Vimlesh Sonkar, a young Income Tax Officer in Ahmedabad was admitted to Moti hospital on 19th April 2021 and pronounced dead only three days later after becoming infected with the coronavirus.

A death certificate was handed to the man’s family, but they refused to believe he had passed away and instead of giving him the last rights took his dead body home and cared for it as if he would eventually wake up, odditycentral website reported.

The man’s mummified remains were discovered a few days ago, when a team from his workplace was sent to investigate his long-term absence.

It’s unclear why Vimlesh’s family didn’t want to accept the fact that he had passed away. The Times of India reports that they took his body to another hospital for a second opinion, and even when doctors there confirmed his death, they still took his corpse back home and treated it like that of a coma patient that might wake up one day.

According to the Free Press Journal, the family was ready to give the man his last rites, but first they put an oximeter on one of his fingers, and after it showed a pulse and the oxygen level in his blood, they decided he was still alive and canceled the funeral.

Police was notified about the situation, and Vimlesh’s body was once again taken to a hospital where his death was once again confirmed.

After this, his family finally agreed to have his body cremated.

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