Man dies after stomach bursts over excessive drinking

Man dies after stomach bursts over excessive drinking

A 37-year-old man died unexpectedly at Kansakrom, a neighborhood of Atwima Mponua District in Ghana’s Ashanti region, as a result of heavy alcohol consumption, GhanaWeb reported.

After drinking heavily, the deceased’s stomach apparently exploded.

Mr Kwame Nyamekye nicknamed Last Doctor, a senior mortuary attendant, informed GhanaWeb that he was at the morgue when a family member and three (3) police officers arrived with the body. The family confessed to him that their late relative’s tummy was inflated owing to heavy drinking.

According to him, the deceased’s family attempted everything possible to keep him from drinking, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

“Unfortunately for them, they heard a burst inside his room and discovered that his stomach had blown, with his intestines flowing out,” he said.

“He didn’t die right away, so they hurried him to the Bibiani hospital here, but he was confirmed dead upon arrival,” he explained.

According to him, the family also informed him that their relative had been unwell for several days owing to intoxication. “I’m reliably aware he drinks every day, and he drunk even before his death this morning,” he concluded.

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