Cheers as mother breastfed son during her wedding

Cheers as mother breastfed son during her wedding

A young lady has been widely applauded on social media after she decided to breastfeed her baby during her wedding.

The little boy pushed the mum to give him breast milk as she was about to sign the dotted lines on her wedding day.

He apparently wanted to be taken care of, so he asked for the breast milk.

His mother, Mercy, fed him without hesitation to the amazement of all who were present on that special day.

Mercy was praised for not allowing her child to cry for food without having it because of a wedding.

Watch the video bellow:


The decided mid vows that he wants nyonyo😂, thank God our registra was a mother too and she just laughed and said it’s okay. #viral #goviral #viralvideo #mother #motherhood #trend #trending #fyp #duet #mercytom #kids

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