Ghana: Chinese employer stabbed his employee

Ghana: Chinese employer stabbed his employee

A Ghanaian employee is currently battling for his life at the Effiankwanta Regional Hospital after his Chinese employer inflicted a cut on his neck as he confronted him over unpaid salaries.

The employees held a meeting where they discussed the issue about their salaries and elected Mr Boateng to be their representative.

“We have worked for the whole month and our salaries had not been paid so we had a meeting and one of our colleagues went to the Chinese boss to find out what was wrong with the salaries because we have families and we are also owing some people,” they narrated.

“In the heat of the argument, he pulled a flick knife and slashed the throat of our colleague. He has incurred deep wounds, blood traces could be seen everywhere,” they told local media.

The victim, Isaac Boateng, was rushed to Effiankwanta Regional Hospital for treatment.

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