Image of villagers rejoicing after killing a 14-foot python

Image of villagers rejoicing after killing a 14ft python

Residents of Ajumako Ochiso in Ajumako Enyan Essiam District in the Central Region of Ghana have rejoiced after a 14ft python was shot and killed, Kasapa news reported.

According to the residents, they had been leaving in fear and panic ever since the reptile was spotted in the town as several attempts to kill it proved futile.

The snake was shot dead after a young boy spotted it in the night and, out of fear, quickly rushed home and called for help. Residents mobilized and armed with a rifle stormed the area where the snake was seen and shot it dead.

Kojo Nkum, the man who killed the snake, said he shot at the reptile three times before it died, the report said.

The snake was later taken home and cut into pieces to be consumed by residents since snake meat is their delicacy.

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