Nigeria: police arrest suspected notorious kidnapper

Nigeria: police arrest suspected notorious kidnapper

Nigerian police announced the arrest of a notorious suspected kidnapper known for flaunting his wealth on social networks, local media reported.

Many knew John Lyon as a banker whose posts always advised people to work hard and to stay safe, local media report.

South Bayelsa state police spokesman Asimi Butswat said the suspect had been transferred to the state after being arrested in the capital, Abuja.

“When they get the money they go to Abuja to live lavishly,” Mr Butswat told the BBC.

Authorities said at least ten kidnappings for ransom in Bayelsa state had been traced to his gang. But he is not the the group’s leader.

Many Nigerians have expressed dismay over the development with some describing the suspect as a generous person who was fond of giving gifts.

But a video reportedly of him while in police custody has surfaced on social media. In the short clip, the detained man is seen asking for forgiveness after his arrest, the BBC reported.

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