United States: Trump and his children in trouble

United States: Trump and his children in trouble

New York prosecutor launched legal proceedings against the former US president, three of his children and also executives of Donald Trump’s real estate group for malicious financial practices.

The lawsuits come after a two-year investigation during which dozens of witnesses were interviewed and millions of documents were analyzed, Jeune Afrique reported.

New York District prosecutor Letitia James accuses Donald Trump and his children Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric, of financial fraud and illegal practices.

Investigators concluded that they deliberately tampered with the organization’s accounts by greatly overstating the value of its assets in order to deceive banks and insurance companies to obtain larger and more advantageous loans, and ultimately to get rich.

In addition, the prosecutor announces that she is transmitting the elements of her investigation to the federal tax authorities and the Department of Justice, which will have to determine whether to launch criminal proceedings.

She recalls that when questioned, Donald Trump preferred to remain silent rather than cooperate.

Donald Trump denounces “a new witch hunt” by a failed and racist attorney general.

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