Zambia: President Hichilema suspends Attorney General

Zambia: President Hichilema suspends Attorney General

Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema has suspended Lillian Siyunyi, the country’s chief state prosecutor with immediate effect – barely two days after she told the BBC that her life was in danger.

Lillian Siyunyi, who was appointed by the previous government, had fallen out with the new administration and is a subject of complaints against her professional conduct at the Judicial Complaints Commission (JCC).

In an announcement on Wednesday evening, presidential spokesman Anthony Bwalya said the decision was based on a recommendation by the JCC to the president.

Katongo Waluzimba has been appointed as chief prosecutor in an acting capacity, according to the president’s spokesman.

Reacting to her suspension, Ms Siyunyi told the BBC that she had “a great deal to say” once a presidential waiver is granted on the oath of secrecy.

“The waiver is meant to accord me an opportunity to defend myself freely without fear of any reprisals from any person or sector,” she said.

She said appearing before the JCC before the waiver was granted would be against the law.

Before her suspension, Ms Siyunyi had long had her security withdrawn by the state.

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