Discover this African amulet that protects against bullets

Discover this African amulet that protects against bullets

An amulet called “Odeshi”, meaning “impenetrable”, in the Nigerian Igbo language, allows to escape attacks or simply protect yourself against bullets. Let’s discover it!

Odeshi is a power bestowed on those who wear amulet or drink a herbal preparation made by traditional healers.

This ritual aims to make them invulnerable to bullets and even machete blows.

However, any person carrying this power must lead a virtuous life and respect certain provisions indicated by the traditional practitioner so that Odeshi can be effective.

This mythical power is widespread among the Igbo people. Odeshi is a gift from the god Chukwu Okike, and all those who wear this amulet acquire the power of invincibility, according to information. They become immune to bullets and any weapon that could injure or cause death.

If used correctly, Odeshi even gives the power of disappearing when in imminent danger or attack.

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