Release date and all you need to know about the iPhone 14

Release date and all you need to know about the iPhone 14

Apple will unveil its latest iPhone 14 model on Wednesday, September 7, during one of its famous keynotes online.

The new model will be available for pre-order before its release in stores on September 16, according to Mark Guran, tech journalist at Bloomberg.

The notch on the iPhone 14 will be replaced with a punch hole to house the camera, along with a pill-shaped space.

Rumors also lend it a Touch ID sensor and Face ID sensors under the screen, a more durable titanium alloy chassis, a less prominent rear photo module, a shake-up of the range with new screen sizes and the end of the iPhone mini. Another guess, the iPhone 14 could be equipped with Wi-Fi 6E.

The iPhone 14 should also be slightly thicker than the previous ones.

Apple would not have planned a mini iPhone 14.

The models will be iPhone 14 (6,1 inches), iPhone14 max (6,7 inches), iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The prices will be known during the keynote in some weeks.

Indiscretions say iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14Pro Max would be more expensive.

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