Nigeria threatens to withdraw from ECOWAS

Nigeria threatens to withdraw from ECOWAS

Nigeria is threatening to withdraw from the regional group, Ecowas, following allegations that Nigerian candidates are being sidelined for jobs and promotions.

Some in Ecowas have also complained of nepotism – alleging that relatives and cronies are sometimes selected for posts.

Sidie Tunis, the Ecowas parliamentary speaker, has ordered all recruitment to the organisation be suspended, and created a panel to investigate alleged malpractice to report its findings within a week.

The Ecowas parliament leadership has said it will uphold and protect the rights of all citizens of the community to aspire to positions in any Ecowas institution, in line with the provisions of the body’s founding protocols.

The Economic Community of West African States, Ecowas, was established in 1975 to promote economic integration among its 15 member countries.

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