Ghana: Social Studies teacher jailed 7 years for sodomising 18 pupils

Senegal: a pimp falls into police trap in Grand-Yoff

A supposed phone seller was arrested by the police in Grand-Yoff (commune of Dakar) following the complaint of his girlfriend’s mother, reports

The respondent sent his 16-year-old girlfriend to prostitute herself with a 53-year-old French national at the price of 50,000F CFA, the sexual intercourse.

The young man was contacted by a lady for a juicy affair. This lady turned out to be a police officer. The lure of profit having seduced him, he fell into the trap and was immediately taken on board.

Taken to the central police station, the respondent first tried to deny the facts before confessing. He admits to having sent his girlfriend to the elderly man for paid sex.

Arrested and placed in police custody, he is prosecuted for digital identity theft, pimping, pedophilia, incitement to debauchery, embezzlement of a minor, distribution, recording and transfer of childish images of a pornographic nature.

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