Kenya: student arrested for faking kidnapping for ransom

Kenya: student arrested for faking kidnapping for ransom

A medical student in Kenya is in custody for faking his own kidnapping to demand ransom from his parents, local media reported, citing Nairobi police.

Edwin Kamau, 23, is accused of ‘disappearing’ on Sunday and calling his mother days later to demand 70,000 Kenyan shillings ($593; £494) in ransom.

The parents made an initial payment on Wednesday but police later discovered the student went on a drinking spree on the outskirts of town with a woman who spiked his drink and stole the money.

On Thursday, he reportedly demanded and received a second ransom payment.

The police arrest him soon after and the money was found stuffed in his shoes.

According to the police, the student confessed to having squandered the money intended for the expenses of the last semester and faked his kidnapping to raise more funds.

The suspect is awaiting trial, local media report.

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