Ghana: man kills himself and his two children

Ghana: man kills himself and his two children

A 40-year-old man poisoned himself and his two children at Shama Junction in Shama district in western Ghana, the starrfm website reported.

Before their deaths, the man identified as Eshun had made efforts to reunite with his estranged wife, but to no avail.

Reports say he had picked up the children, aged three and eight, from their mother’s house over the weekend.

“Ebenezer Eshun however emerged with both children alive. He was then arrested and sent to the police station, where one of the children immediately collapsed and was sent to the VRA hospital. Subsequently the other started exhibiting similar symptoms resulting in both losing their lives.” reports said.

A former assemblyman who confirmed the incident said Eshun died Tuesday morning after his children died earlier.

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